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Europe temperatures
Weather infos:

Last chart of Europe, updated every 6 hours.
Last station reports in Europe.
Last analysis of Europe (FU Berlin).
Next-day forecast for Europe (FU Berlin).
* Temperatures in Europe, updated every 6 hours.

METAR information for Cologne/Bonn airport, EDDK.TXT.
Recent weather in Cologne (airport), Alexandria, Cairo, Khartoum.
Wetterzentrale (in German) Meteogramm Köngiswinter.
Rain Radar for Germany (WetterOnline, in German): last, loop 90 min, loop 3 hours.

Meteosat images:

Meteosat page from FU Berlin.
Last image of Europe, processed by Meteo France.
Last image (vis) of Central Europe, updated hourly during daylight.
Last image (IR) of Europe, updated hourly.

Meteo France image

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